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15 May 2019

Urgo Medical enters the connected healing era by unveiling Healico its future digital solution for the management of wounds

Urgo Medical, the medical scarring division of the French family company URGO Group, has, during the innovative Start-Up day, presented “Healico” its new digital solution. Currently in testing phase, Healico aims to support health professionals in the management of wounds of their patients.

Healico, the connected healing solution

The innovative Start-Up Day held today at the CitĂ© des Sciences in Paris, of which Urgo Medical is a partner, was the opportunity for URGO’s Medical Healing Division to present Healico, its digital solution. For the first time in the field of healing, Urgo Medical wants to provide with this solution, an application with three main functionalities helping health professionals in their daily practice.

  • Wound assessment, using a 7 criteria form (wound type, location, phase, size, depth, infection, exudate level), associated with recommendations for care protocols that have been validated by independent experts.
  • The follow-up of patients’ wounds healing by creating a patient’s file to gather on a secure platform the pictures of wounds, information of the wound and the healing trajectory.
  • The coordination of health professionals within the same care structure thanks to the secure sharing of the patient’s file to ensure continuity of care.

On March 28th, Urgo Medical obtained Healico’s CE marking as a class I medical device. The application is currently in test phase with a panel of health professionals in France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

URGO Medical is already working on an update of the application which will allow a secure coordination between healthcare’s team different members (nurses, general practitioners and specialists) present in different structures for a better follow-up of the patient throughout his care pathways, as well as an availability of the application on the iPhone.

When digital supports health professionals in healing

“Healico was born to answer the stated difficulties by caregivers while taking care of their patients’ wounds : the evaluation of the wound, the choice of the good protocol of associated care, and the follow-up of their patient throughout their care path” explains Laurent Faugère, Urgo Medical’s Global CEO. “This application is the result of 3 years of field work with health professionals, and development with our R & D teams or with external partners. “

“We are convinced that the overall improvement of the care pathway in the field of healing will be through digital technology. That’s why we decided to go beyond the product by offering for the first time an application dedicated to health professionals to support them in their daily practice ” completes Philippe Bienvenu, Director of Digital Solutions Urgo Medical.

Innovation at the core of Urgo Medical’s DNA

Urgo Medical, Europe’s second-largest wound management company, has always made innovation the core of its DNA by investing in R & D – 25 million euros in 2018 at the Urgo group level – to offer innovative solutions to treat patients suffering from serious wounds (diabetic foot sore, leg ulcer …).

Urgo Medical takes the digital turn in 2013, convinced of the role that it can play in improving the global care of patients with wounds. The company created the concept of connected healing and developed a first mobile application – UrgoExpert – launched in 2014, then the Eureka prototype in 2016. 2019 marks the concrete entry of Urgo Medical in connected wound healing with the unveiling of its solution digital Healico, launched soon.

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