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09 September 2019

Startup Solascure chosen for the URGO Mentorship Program


URGO Group announces the winner of its 2019 URGO Mentorship Program: SolasCure, a Wales-based biotech which has developed an innovative wound care solution facilitating and promoting the body’s own wound cleansing processes, a key stage for patients suffering from chronic wounds.




For the second year, the URGO Mentorship Program addresses start-ups in the medical technology sector looking for the support of a global partner. This means one year of coaching from URGO Group experts to guide a young business through the stages prior to its launch. For one year, SolasCure will benefit from tailored advice from URGO Group experts on matters such as marketing, clinical trials, intellectual property or market access.

The URGO Mentorship Program’s jury selected SolasCure after a call for applications and a first phase of selection among 30 candidates. 5 international start-ups pitched their project.



Developed to find a solution to painful or ineffective debridement procedures such as surgical cleansing of the wound, the technology developed by Solascure combines natural autolytic debridement with an enzyme modelled on the maggots of the common green bottle fly, leveraging centuries-old knowledge that open wounds infected with these heal better.

“SolasCure’s positioning regarding chronic wounds is in sync with Urgo Medical’s mission, to help clinicians relieving the burden of wounds in patients. URGO has always had strong relationships with startups. We innovate not only through internal R&D and partnerships with top research institutions, but also by creating and supporting start-ups. To foster know-how in medical technologies, I am convinced that the URGO Mentorship Program allows fantastic exchanges between URGO’s teams and the startup’s. These discussions help up to stay agile and curious through an exchange of best practices, and the selected startup can benefit from our experience in the medical field. We will be able to build together the best solutions for patients. » stated Guirec LE LOUS, President of Urgo Medical.

“We are honoured to have been selected as the winner of the Urgo Mentorship Program. This further validates our technology, the unmet need, the team and our partners. Solascure is committed to developing Aurase as the reference product for enzymatic debridment to provide, fast, cost effective and pain free debridement to the benefit of those suffering patients. Our partnership with Urgo will allow us to benefit from their deep knowledge and global network as we seek to commercialise Aurase. We have been impressed not only by the calibre of Urgo’s team, but their ethos and patient centered culture. We look forward to a fruitful and working relationship with them.” stated Sam Bakri, Founder and executive chairman of SOLASCURE.


URGO medical, urgo group’s division, helps patients suffering from chronic wounds

With more than 40 million patients worldwide chronic wounds such as pressure ulcer, venous leg ulcer or diabetic foot ulcer are a global health issue.

One these chronic wounds, diabetic foot ulcer, is a complication of diabetes. With one amputation carried out every 20 seconds, diabetes is the world’s leading cause of amputation.1

These alarming figures convey a real public health issue, both for patients, for whom this could be life-threatening, and for health systems which have to bear the costs.

Since 2008, URGO Group’s medical division Urgo Medical has been committed to improving diabetes foot patient’s treatment by investing in R&D and clinical research, listening healthcare professionals and partnering with scientific societies.

In 2018, Urgo Medical, made a major step in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer, with the announcement of the results of its comparative clinical trial, EXPLORER, that demonstrated that the last Urgo Medical’s dressing healed more neuro-ischaemic foot ulcers than standard treatment in a shorter period of time, thus offering hope to these patients1.

To go a step further Urgo Medical has created in 2019 the global program « Closing wounds, Saving Feet, Saving lives » dedicated to this pathology to support clinicians to improve Diabetic Foot management and raise awareness on this pathology.


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