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URGO Feel, launched in 2016, is a skill which helps you to connect again with calm and ability to handle the stress of life’s daily hassles thanks to cardiac coherence.
The heart rate sensor associated with the dedicated smartphone application leads to practice breathing exercises with cardiac biofeedback. Those exercises help to feel the cardiac coherence state and to deeply absorb a method that will become instinctive.
Gradually, the patient will learn how to better face stress when it occurs.
Simple, mobile and efficient, URGO Feel offers tailor-made training levels, adapted to everyone’s rhythm. Moreover, advices written by health professionals are provided to give some tips to better manage stress.
Whatever the stress origins are (conflicting meetings, exams, during a pregnancy or during a quitting period – smoking for example), URGO Feel allows to practice easily cardiac coherence and to relax.




Find out more about Urgotech

Urgotech imagines and builds health solutions powered by science and involving health professionals (psychologist, psychiatrist, gynecologist, midwife, sports doctors, cardiologists…)
In close relationships with health specialists, we identify and get closer to the patients’ needs. Our aim is to conceive efficient products and achieve solutions for better and long lasting patient’s living conditions. These products rely on non-invasive processes as Biofeedback. By equipping patients with mobile skills connected to their smartphone, Urgotech enables an autonomous practicing of exercises. Therefore, empowering the patient to be the principal actor of his wellbeing and to accelerate their therapies.

Urgotech is the internal URGO Group start-up. Founded in 2015 and based in Paris, Urgotech counts today about fifteen collaborators. Engineers, pharmacists, scientifics, project managers, product managers… within Urgotech, all the team members are gathered to give the best of theirselves in a young and dynamical spirit.


Connected healthcare with the Group's startup