Cuts, blisters, canker sores, sore back…these little mishaps happen so quickly. URGO proposes effective and innovative solutions for all these aches and pains which spoil our daily lives.

URGO places technology in the heart of its products:

  • Filmogel® technology: a generation of liquid plasters with specific formulas which provide solutions for different problems (cracking, splitting, canker sores, damaged nails, spots, …).
  • Medical technologies available at home: peeling to treat brown spots or the Trans Electric Nerve Stimulator – also called TENS – to relieve certain pains.
  • Lipido-colloid and hydro-colloid technologies: plasters which treat blisters, calluses, 1st and 2nd degree superficial domestic burns, as well as superficial injuries.

The five ranges of URGO products are available exclusively in pharmacies and drugstores.

  • First aid: a complete care protocol to clean, protect and heal wounds (stop bleeding tape, antiseptics, protective dressings, healing plasters).
  • Feet & Hands: a multitude of simple solutions are effective for your feet and hands which are treated badly by small everyday sores (blisters, calluses, warts, …) or by uncomfortable external aggressions (cold, household products, …).
  • Face: products to help you deal with little unsightly sores (canker sores, fever blisters, brown spots).
  • Pain: local application solutions to relieve muscular pain (stiff neck, sore muscles, cramps, …) related to joint problems (rheumatism), post trauma (bumps, contusions, sprains, …) or related to age.
  • Nurse care: sterile compresses, sterile plasters and films, plaster tape and tapes, …


More information on www.urgo.fr

 If it hurts, it’s worth an URGO!



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