RICQLES Peppermint Spirit

Henri de Ricqlès, a young Dutch wine merchant, arrived in Lyon in 1824. Passionate about botany, he was particularly interested in the peppermint plant, which he believed to have useful properties. Through study and experimentation, he obtained an exceptional essential oil in 1838 by distilling fresh mint. This is how alcool de menthe (medicinal mint spirit) was first made.

RICQLES: the peppermint essential oil expert

The small amount of essential oil found in the leaves of fresh Peppermint (Mentha piperita) has refreshing properties. The Ricqlès technique focuses on a unique way of extracting this precious essential oil—a secret process that has remained unchanged since 1838. It is this tried and tested method that makes Ricqlès essential oil of peppermint one of a kind.

RICQLES: Your closest ally for fresh breath

With a pair of angels as its trademark, the brand guarantees lasting fresh breath thanks to the essential oil of peppermint used in its products.
Read on to discover the full range of Ricqlès products: peppermint spirits as well as fresh breath capsules, chewing gum, etc.

You can find RICQLES products in pharmacies and health and wellness stores.


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