Mercurochrome, a long-standing and innovative French brand

Mercurochrome is an emblematic brand that is well-known in France for its small red bottle and has become a reference in health and well-being in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Mercurochrome products are smart, innovative, technical and accessible to all.

Driven by a strong sense of innovation, the Mercurochrome brand is constantly coming up with new ways to take better care of the whole family. It offers technical and patented products that are increasingly effective.

Mercurochrome has a solution for all the little accidents of daily life with its range of plasters, bandages, compresses, tapes, accessories and more; but its expertise also covers the health and beauty sector: podiatry, childcare, muscles and joint pain, oral and dental hygiene, winter ailments and essential oils.

Thanks to consumer confidence and its excellent quality, Mercurochrome has become the N°1 brand for first-aid products* in supermarkets and hypermarkets with a range of over 140 references.

To learn more please visit www.mercurochrome.fr and the Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/MercurochromeFrance/?fref=ts


Mercurochrome products that bear the CE marking are registered medical products. Please talk to your health professional for more information.

*In market share and sales.
Source: IRI hypermarket and supermarket panel. Annual total of year to date at end of April 2017.

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