Mercurochrome, a long-standing and innovative French brand

Laboratoires Mercurochrome is the leading brand in health and well-being and is accessible to all.

The Mercurochrome brand is driven by a strong innovative spirit and continuously offers new solutions so you can care for your whole family. It is always providing technical and patented products and consistently increases its level of performance.

Mercurochrome provides solutions for all of every day life’s little incidents thanks to its plasters, dressings, compresses, bands and accessories. It also has strong expertise in para-pharmaceutical products: chiropody, childcare, muscle and joint relaxation, oral hygiene, winter ailments and even essential oils.

Mercurochrome products are available in your supermarket or hypermarket’s para-pharmaceutical product aisle.


Mercurochrome brand products that bear the CE marking are medical products. Please consult with a healthcare provider for further information.


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