Forz Sport is a brand created by GERCO Laboratorios, a strategic actor on the healthcare Colombian market.

Founded in 1950, GERCO is a family-owned company based in Cartagena, Colombia, employing a staff of over 90 employees.

The company has a production and storage site in Cartagena.

The four flagship ranges and products leaders on their market developed by GERCO are:

  • Anti-rash and anti-irritation creams, with the brand Caladerm
  • Pain-killing creams for athletes, with Forz
  • Anti-louse treatments, with Champiojo
  • Physiological serums, with the brand Rhifisol

The brand Forz Sport was created at the occasion of the Soccer World Cup taking place in Brazil and develop among others solutions designed to relieve athletes from muscular pain.

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