Transforming our ideas into practical healthcare solutions


Within Urgo Group innovation is in our DNA.

The mission of the Urgo Research, Innovation & Development (Urgo RID) teams is to devise, develop and transform their ideas into concrete healthcare solutions in order to meet the needs of patients and health professionals.

Our entity has a multidisciplinary team of almost 180 people representing all stages of the innovation value chain: watch, research, innovation, business development, intellectual property, development, clinical trials, industrial transposition.

Their expertise, principally based in healing, now extends to new territories such as cosmetic surgery and neuroscience.

Our approach to innovation is based on ongoing dialogue with end users, both caregivers and patients. It is this desire to meet their expectations that has enabled us to devise high-technology dressings and protocols responding to every type of wound.

Our team of 60 researchers, composed of chemists, materials researchers, physicians, biologists, etc., work daily with the desire to improve healing solutions so as to cure and relieve patients and simplify treatments.

Lastly, we have made clinical research a fundamental point of our innovation to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products. Since 1997 we have conducted almost 55 clinical and observational studies covering almost 60,000 patients, and have obtained over 40 scientific publications in indexed periodicals.

The men and women innovating within Urgo Group are passionate, burning with the desire to create new solutions.  What do they have in common? Desire. The desire to imagine new horizons, construct the future, and have a positive impact on the quality of life of the patients. It is this same desire which rallies them, guides their enthusiasm, and gives them the wish to excel every day.