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Our industrial expertise

Industry, the URGO Group’s strategic weapon

With its two industrial development units, its ten production sites, and its twelve distribution centres across the world, URGO Group is an industrial one. We use this industrial expertise as an essential lever for our growth and our innovation strategy.

Our industrial mission is to offer all of our clients, all of our patients, and all of our consumers, in nearly 70 countries, the innovative solutions that meet their needs.

We are convinced that innovation involves, above all, the industrial resources for developing it.


  • we develop and industrialise the production means necessary for manufacturing and transforming our healthcare solutions; and
  • we also do “”double innovation””: when we develop a product, we develop the industrial resources for producing it too.

Our objective is to produce our healthcare solutions to the required standards of quality at the right time, at the right place, and at the right price.

A particularly dynamic development strategy

Convinced of the strategic positioning of industry for developing our products and of the need to accelerate bringing them to market, we pursue a particularly dynamic industrial strategy.

Over the last ten years, at URGO Group, we have invested nearly 85 million euros in our industrial resources in France and in the world, with the following objectives:

  • equipping ourselves with an industrial transposition site for working in-house to marry fundamental research with its industrial translation within the same unity of time, of place, and of action; this unity came to be in 2013 at Chenôve, on our historic Dijon site, right next to our R&D centre; this new organisational configuration has enabled the lead times for bringing our products to market to be shortened considerably;
  • developing new generations of machinery; over the same period, we developed three generations of machinery that were increasingly technological, flexible, and modular;
  • and increasing our production and distribution capacities, while complying with the required quality standards.

Key skills and teams

Within our Group, our industrial expertise is built on an industrial team of over 1,100 people, i.e. nearly 40% of the total payroll, spanning numerous trades in production and logistics.

Our upcoming challenges:

  • Growth
  • Developing and producing disruptive product solutions
  • Industrial excellence
  • Bringing about change and enabling our staff to develop”