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Medical technology

Innovation is becoming medical, economic, and also organisational

A wind of innovation is blowing from the healthcare sector, in particular in the medical technology industry.

In non-invasive medical techniques, involving the development of ambulatory medicine, and telemedicine applications, or the generalisation of digitisation, the innovations are very much also in how the treatment is organised and not only merely in the product.

At URGO Group, our mission is to bring innovative healthcare solutions to patients, and we have made this combination an essential lever in our development strategy.

For several years now, we have been rolling out our innovations to serve:

  • patients, so that they can received the best treatment;
  • healthcare professionals, so that they can have access to the best technologies for giving the treatment; and
  • the sustainability of our healthcare model. Healthcare has a cost, and efficiency is essential in order to make it sustainable.

Innovating in how the care & treatment pathway is organised: a priority for URGO Group

We are convinced of the key role that e-health and training of healthcare professionals can play in treating and caring for patients suffering from wounds. That is why we have chosen to invest massively in developing these new technologies for the last 2 years:

Digital solutions for optimising the care & treatment pathway

With URGO Advanced Solutions for Wound Management, we are developing two digital tools, UrgoExpert and EUREKA, which make it possible to optimise the care & treatment pathway of the patient through:

  • Assistance with diagnosis
  • Putting in place customised treatment & care protocols
  • Monitoring the wound with alerts if the healing trajectory is poor
  • A database that enriches the protocols

With these two new technologies, we have an impact on wound-healing time, bed turnover, waiting room time, nursing times, and costs of consumables. They have already been tested successfully in Spain and in France, and our ambition is to continue to roll out these solutions in our subsidiaries, in liaison with the healthcare professionals and the health authorities.

Medical training for improving care and treatment for patients

We also put in place numerous awareness-heightening and training actions every year with medical and nursing staff and with opinion leaders, the sole aim of which is to improve the quality of care and treatment of the patients:
By way of example, e-learning training has been put in place for doctors and nursing staff on specific pathologies such as diabetic ulcer; and medico-economic studies have been put in place, in particular on pressure ulcers.

Innovative connected healthcare solutions for continuity in home treatment and care

With its internal startup UrgoTech, URGO Group has the ambition to enable patients to act upon their health. We develop innovative connected devices relying on biofeedback enabling patients to exercises by themselves or with the help of a healthcare professional, without needing to physically be at a medical consultation.”