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URGO at a glance

The Group’s engagement has always been to “Invent & Care”.

URGO Group is a French leading international healthcare group, specialized in advanced wound care and self-care.

Created in 1880, family-owned, URGO Group is engaged on a day-to-day basis with patients, health care professionals and the general public.

  • With its Urgo Medical division, it develops innovative wound dressings to address an increased need worldwide for the care of chronic wounds.
  • With its Urgo Consumer Healthcare division, it gives access to responsible healthcare solutions in the areas of first aid, nutritional supplements, sexual hygiene, cold and allergies.
  • With its Start-up UrgoTech, it prepares the future and offers patients the benefits of connected health.


Our growth strategy is based on five levers:

  • Innovation: by investing in Research & Development and implementing “double innovation”. When we develop a product, we also develop the industrial equipment to manufacture it.
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  • Industry: To serve our clients, we deployed an investment plan of 80 M for the 2020-2030 period. Industry is the Group’ strategic weapon.
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  • Well-known brands, leaders on their markets
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  • An international deployment with a local presence: we have a two-fold strategy: consolidate our positions and set up subsidiaries in new territories, in particular in emerging markets. In 10 years, URGO Group has expanded from 10 to 20 subsidiaries around the world.
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  • Our employees: we invest thoroughly in integration and training programs. We offer many opportunities and tailor-made career paths (graduate programs to strengthen one’s expertise, Urgo Leadership Program, Urgo Consulting, Urgo University…)
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