Tristan Le Lous
chairman of urgo group

Tristan Le Lous is Chairman of URGO Group.

He started his career in 2005 in finance within the company. In 2009, he added to his portfolio the Group’s M&A activities. Tristan Le Lous successfully conducted several international acquisitions strategic for URGO Group, as the recent setting up of Urgo Medical in the USA, the largest healthcare market in the world. In 2017 he takes in charge the Group’s legal activities and the financial direction of holding activities. In 2018, he sets up the audit and compliance activities of the Group, which he supervises. In 2022, he succeeds Briac Le Lous as Chairman of URGO Group.
Tristan Le Lous also teaches Finance at the URGO University, URGO’s own corporate academy. He graduated from the French Ecole Normale SupĂ©rieure of Lyon in molecular genetics, from the French engineering school AgroParisTech and from the business school ESCP Europe.



Vital to H2P endeavors to stir a national development to change wellbeing callings training was the Consortium’s capacity to build up a coordinated system that included:

  1. 1) national industry, workforce offices, and network based associations;
  2. 2) national medicinal services affiliations;
  3. 3) state-wide social insurance instruction activities,
  4. 4) nearby and provincial managers, workforce offices, and network based associations;
  5. 5) territorial human services affiliations and collaboratives;
  6. 6) accomplice universities.

The organizations created reports that was checked by professional writers from www.auassignmenthelp.org between the H2P Consortium and national human services affiliations bolstered H2P’s endeavors to electrify a national development by giving chances to talk and coordinated effort inside a network of teachers in wellbeing callings, industry agents, and managers. Two instances of key organizations that H2P assembled were with the National Network of Health Career Programs in Two-Year Colleges (NN2) and the Health Professions Network (HPN). These organizations gave H2P a correspondence channel that upheld their continuous associations and helped them encourage associations with universities keen on receiving H2P’s pathway developments. HPN and H2P are working with bosses and industry relationship to execute social insurance pathway models. They have recently finished an update to the 2011 Allied Health Competency Model for the United States Department of Labor. NN2 has received the Community of Practice Model actualized by H2P and is proceeding to scale the work to junior colleges broadly. They will keep on facilitating a day¬ long Health Care Pathways Institute each year before their yearly gathering.

Briac Le Lous
president of Urgo Consumer Healthcare

Briac Le Lous is President of Urgo Consumer Healthcare.

He started his career as Merger & Acquisition Director within the Group in 2002 and achieved about fifteen acquisitions.
Meanwhile, Briac Le Lous held different positions within the Group: from 2003 to 2009 he was General Manager of Danival; from 2006 à 2010, General Manager of Vie et Santé Laboratories, and then from 2010 to 2015 General Manager of Juva Santé Laboratories. Since 2016, he is President of Urgo Consumer Healthcare, the consumer and well-being division of URGO Group. He was chairman of URGO Group from 2019 to 2022, according to the principle of alternating family chairmanship.
Briac Le Lous has also been Vice-President of SYNADIET, the French Syndicate for Food Supplements, and gets involved in the Young President Organization (YPO).
Briac Le Lous graduated from the French engineering schools ENSAT and AgroParisTech (master’s in biology and Nutrition). He also holds a master’s degree from HEC Entrepreneurs.


Guirec Le Lous
President of urgo medical
president of UrgoTech

Guirec Le Lous is President of Urgo Medical and President of UrgoTech. After a first entrepreneurial experience, he joined URGO Group in 2012 and in 2015 creates URGO Group’s digital start-up, UrgoTech, which he chairs. UrgoTech develops disruptive innovations to treat stress, insomnia, incontinence disorders and other chronic diseases. The last product developed by UrgoTech, URGONight, was awarded at the 2019 Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Simultaneously, since 2016, Guirec Le Lous launched Urgo Touch, the first portable surgical laser to improve the healing of a scar. In 2019, he becomes President of Urgo Medical, URGO Group’s entity dedicated to Advanced wound care. Guirec Le Lous also teaches Decision Analysis and Negotiation at the Urgo University.
He graduated from the French engineering school Mines ParisTech with a specialization in Innovation management. He also holds a degree from HEC Entrepreneurs.


Ronan Blanchard
executive director,
finance, industry,
quality / regulatory

Ronan Blanchard is Executive Director in charge of Finance, Industry, Quality/Regulatory. He started his career within the Group in 2001 in the Mergers-Acquisitions Department. In 2006, Ronan Blanchard became General Manager of SUPER DIET Laboratories.

In 2012, he became CFO of the Group’s entity dedicated to international development in Singapore. In 2018 Ronan Blanchard is appointed Chief Financial Officer of URGO Group and Head of Industry. In this capacity, he leads the Group’s Finance and Information systems, and monitor the Group’s industrial activities.

Ronan Blanchard graduated from the French business school HEC, where he taught corporate finance.



MARIE ducastel
executive director,
human resources, communication,
urgo consulting

Marie Ducastel is Executive Director in charge of Human Resources, Communication and Urgo Consulting, URGO Group’s internal consulting firm.

Marie started her career in 1992 within the EFE/ABILWAYS Group, a multispecialist in ongoing professional training including professional application schools, where she progressed quickly. She became General Manager in 1999, then President in 2007 and led an ambitious and innovative growth strategy to build one of the French leaders in this sector.

Marie Ducastel graduated from the French Social Sciences School Sciences Po and holds a degree in Public Law.


herve le lous, founder of urgo group


With a PhD from Stanford Business School (California), an MBA from the Wharton School of Finance (Philadelphia) and having graduated in Sciences from the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, 1974), Hervé Le Lous’s background is both scientific and entrepreneurial.

He began  as a teacher at ESSEC (Business School) then at the “College des IngĂ©nieurs” (post-graduate) before starting his entrepreneurial career in 1987, when he bought and turned around a small company with some of his former students. This small company evolved into what is known  today as URGO Group, with over 3 500 employees in France and abroad, and a turnover of 678 million euros in 2021.

HervĂ© Le Lous is personally involved in teaching and research. He created  ten years ago the URGO University, URGO’s own corporate academy. He personally believes that “we grow by helping others to grow” and this is why he advises managers to formalise and share their knowledge and experience.

In 2010 HervĂ© Le Lous also founded the URGO Foundation, URGO Group’s corporate foundation, to extend the company’s commitment to public health. The Foundation is committed to the development and well-being of children, and to a better care of chronic wounds.

Hervé Le Lous has also presided for seven years the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Foundation, dedicated to research.