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Our mission

Our mission

French Family-owned URGO Group is an international leading company and world expert in advanced wound care and selfcare.

With its two divisions Urgo Medical and Urgo Consumer Healthcare, URGO Group is engaged on day to day basis with patients, healthcare professionals and the general public. The Group develops innovative wound dressings that have proven their medical superiority through clinical studies, to address an increased need worldwide for the care of chronic wounds. It gives access to responsible healthcare solutions in the areas of first aid, nutritional supplements, sexual well-being, cold and allergies.

3 300 collaborators participate in these missions in 22 countries, among which 10 industrial sites serve the needs of our clients.

URGO developed a sound portfolio of very well-known brands such as Mercurochrome, Alvityl, Juvamine, Sonalto, Ricqlès, Urgo, all serving the Group’s global ambition.

To prepare the future, UrgoTech, the group’s internal start-up has the mission to explore and offer patients the benefits of connected healthcare through artificial intelligence, digital and neurotechnologies which can bring life-changing therapies.


Healing people


Urgo Medical is the advanced wound healing division of the URGO group.

Because serious wounds constitute a significant source of suffering all over the world, our mission, as “Healing Company”, is to relieve and cure patients by providing them with the most appropriate dressings and treatment protocols.

Urgo Medical is committed to working with health professionals on a daily basis to contribute to reducing healing time. Because every wound-free day makes a difference.

To make a difference for patients:

  • We invest almost 9% of our annual turnover to in-house R&D programmes and public/private partnerships in order to advance knowledge and treatments of wounds.
  • We demonstrate the clinical efficacy of our products with almost 55 studies conducted and 40 scientific publications in indexed periodicals.
  • We conduct a dynamic medical education policy with almost 35,000 health professionals trained every year.
  • We develop treatment protocols (leg ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer) because we know that each type of wound deserves a specific treatment.

We have succeeded in developing a product protocol responding to each type of wound with UrgoTul, UrgoStart, UrgoK2 and UrgoClean.

Today we are convinced that the overall improvement in the treatment path will contribute to better wound care. This is a major issue for patients, healthcare systems and health professionals. And we think that digital technology and e-health can play a key role in this transformation. This is why, in addition to our products, we are developing digital solutions.

Provide access to responsible healthcare solutions

Urgo Consumer Healthcare is the healthcare and well-being division of URGO Group.

We develop responsible healthcare solutions, chosen by consumers and adapted to the treatment of daily living ache and pain (areas of first aid, nutritional supplements, digestion, hearing, well-being, common cold and allergies).

With its renown brands from customers and healthcare professionals (Humer, Urgo, Mercurochrome, Marie Rose, Intimy, Juvamine) and specialists (Super Diet, Agave…), the Urgo Consumer Healthcare division imagines and develops:

  • Everyday ache and pain solutions
  • Innovative research-based solutions
  • Natural solutions

The three independent companies forming Urgo Consumer Healthcare offer the best service possible to our clients:

  • In pharmacies for Laboratoires Urgo Healthcare
  • In mid-range and mass-markets for Laboratoires Juva SantĂ©
  • In organic and dietetic-product specialised stores for Laboratoires SUPER DIET


Connected for a better you

In France, 10 million patients are suffering from pathologies such as stress, insomnia, urinal incontinence or TDA/H.

For these conditions, existing treatments need thorough support from healthcare professionals that are often overwhelmed, and can have important secondary effects.

By enabling patients to act upon their health, UrgoTech has the ambition to revolutionize the way these kinds of pathologies are taken care of.

UrgoTech, URGO Group’s startup, was founded in 2015 to imagine, develop and market innovative healthcare solutions, involving healthcare professionals. Psychiatrists, psychologists, gynecologists, midwives, sports doctors or cardiologists; UrgoTech works closely with healthcare professionals in order to identify and understand their patients’ needs. This is with these healthcare professionals that UrgoTech conceives efficient products and solutions that will improve the quality of life of patients.