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Consumer healthcare and well-being

Giving access to responsible healthcare solutions

With Urgo Consumer Healthcare, URGO Group’s consumer health division, we give access to responsible healthcare solutions for everyday ache and pain.


Offering responsible healthcare solutions means empowering individuals to become actors of their own care & treatment pathways. From now on consumers can take in charge their health and well-being, thanks to products they choose, at affordable prices, benefiting from cutting-edge technology, and relying on the necessary advice of healthcare professionals, in particular from pharmacists.

That is what the 1 100 employees of Urgo Consumer Healthcare work on every day: developing solutions which, combined to a healthy way of life, prevention and physical activity, will empower individuals to answer daily pains and aches such as colds, allergy, first aid or hearing issues in a cautious and autonomous way.

Major challenge for care effectiveness, source of savings for the healthcare systems, responsible healthcare enables healthcare professionals to focus their financial and organizational resources on heavier pathologies.


UrgoTech develops tomorrow’s health solutions


URGO Group’s startup, UrgoTech, has succeeded in developing a pioneer expertise in biofeedback, a scientifically proved methodology aiming at better managing stress through respiration.

UrgoTech’s expertise is focused on developing innovative, non-invasive, and easily operable connected devices. These devices are clinically and scientifically proved and are developed in partnership with healthcare professionals. They collect information and enable patients to observe in real time on a screen how their bodies react. Through exercises and a follow-up, patients learn to reeducate their bodies by themselves.

UrgoTech’s ambition?

Enabling the patient to be an actor of its own treatment. Equipped with connected devices, patients can exercise by themselves or with the help of a healthcare professional, without the need to physically be at a medical consultation.

To develop its healthcare solutions, UrgoTech works closely with recognized healthcare professionals and with the greatest research centers.

The last product of URGO Group’s startup, Feel Calm & Ready, is a connected device helping to cope with daily stress. By acknowledging its cardiac coherence state, Feel Calm & Ready enables patients to integrate in their routine a relaxation method, that will then become instinctive.