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URGO Foundation

Corporate Foundation created in 2010 and chaired by Hervé Le Lous, the URGO Foundation works hand in hand with patients and healthcare professionals in advanced wound care and the well-being of children. It supports scientific research, contributes to preventive health initiatives and awards prizes and grants.

A foundation committed to children

Epidermolysis Bullosa

Since its creation, the URGO Foundation is committed to fighting epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare genetic skin disease affecting many children around the world. This very painful condition is characterized by an extremely fragile and sensitive skin; it blisters and peels easily. Each friction of the skin against clothing becomes intolerable.
Understanding of the disease remains limited. It is therefore essential that we support research to improve knowledge on this pathology.

As such, the Foundation supports many initiatives in France, Poland, Colombia, China, Algeria or Vietnam:

  • Trainings of healthcare professionals, donations of wound healing solutions, parents’ trainings to improve knowledge on how to self-care their children at home, spreading of wound care best practices among doctors & nurses.

Malnutrition, hygiene and healthcare

The URGO Foundation leads specific health initiatives in Africa. It provides humanitarian aid to local population and helps them developing autonomy in their households.
In Madagascar and Ivory Coast, the URGO Foundation works with “Action against Hunger” to spread prevention and nutrition best practices among pediatricians.
For example in 2016, about 400 pediatricians have been trained in Abidjan during the Pediatrics Congress to detect and act against malnutrition.

For more information: http://www.fondation-urgo.com/