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URGO Consulting

Our own internal consulting firm

Urgo Consulting is URGO Group’s internal consulting firm.
It is one of our oldest and most valuable channels for recent graduates to kick start a fast career – offering an interface between internal consulting and talent development.
A strategically poised department in the group’s organization, we are an integral contributor to the group’s activities – through recruitment, training and deployment of recent graduates from top universities and business and engineering schools around the world.

The team

Our team members in Urgo Consulting have the possibility to do various missions during their tenure with different departments and geographies.
Not only international diversity but we also look forward to welcoming people from different educational tracks – business, pharmacy, engineering or mixed.
The diversity of both the team as well as scope of activities means a true global immersion both geographically and functionally.

Projects and expectations

For example, our last year’s portfolio includes a wide spectrum of topics – ranging from market analysis, business development, commercial & financial optimization, M&A, industrial organization, intercultural management etc. covering postings and missions for China, France, India, Poland, Spain, North Africa etc. The variety of your projects forms the base to have a rich set of skills and perspectives that eventually help to achieve a fast track career and application in your own leadership roles in the future.

Consultants achieve their projects while keeping in line with our core values – entrepreneurship, humility and investment.

Nurturing your future track

It presents a great opportunity to interact and exchange with various stakeholders on challenging and real-time issues and problems – helping you to acquire a 360-degree vision within 18 months.

We look forward to recruit talents in a fast-paced environment where you will be willing to welcome challenges and meet them with solutions.
After successfully contributing through internal consulting program – you move to strategic & operational positions depending on your skill-set and preferences.