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Supply Chain Manager – Urgo Industries

Strong sense of belonging

When I arrived at URGO in 2013, I felt like I was part of the team right away. The Group has a very strong sense of belonging! Even in difficult times, the company creates an impressive natural commitment from the staff.


Our industry, healthcare, generates new challenges every day, for example in terms of regulations. To face each new situation and flourish within the Group, agility is for me both an attitude and a required skill. And it’s by adapting to these changes that we grow as individuals and as teams.

A winning spirit

I feel as though the Group is growing and that we will never stop growing. I feel like I’m running! I feel this winning spirit coming through at management level, in my superiors and in the field.


Every day, a lot is expected of me, and a lot of trust is placed in me as well. People are attentive, in operations and at the managerial level. This trust is what drives me to succeed!


Production Agent – Juva Productions Laboratories

A daily responsability to meet my objectives

I work in Forbach at the Juva Production Laboratories in a packaging workshop. What do I like about the company? My personal challenge, reaching my goals every day

The atmosphere

What I especially like: the daily atmosphere and the good relationships with my colleagues.


Virginie MAROUBY
Head of Management Control РJuva Santé Laboratories


I joined the Group in 2010 as an Executive Assistant, then I joined the SUPER DIET Controlling team. I then moved to the international market (Asian zone, in Singapore), before joining JUVA. I was first in charge of the Supply chain Controlling, then I moved to JUVA Global Controlling. At URGO, what motivates me the most is that you are actively involved in defining your position. Nothing is set in stone, you can expand your scope and your missions. You help create it!

A very positive mindset

Relationships are generally very good between the teams. Leaders and managers are open and make the time for you.

Being a source of ideas

Anyone and everyone can contribute and propose their ideas. As long as it’s well-founded and reasonable, everyone is ready to try it. We have the right to be daring, to try new things and to make mistakes. I would even say that it’s a requirement at URGO!

Francisco Santos
Sales Director – Urgo Medical Portugal

I started 6 years ago at Urgo Medical as a Marketing & Sales trainee. Since then, between Barcelona and Lisbon, I have been able to grow thanks to different opportunities that led me to my current position, Sales Director for Urgo Medical Portugal.

The products

What first drew me in: the products! Their incredible quality, which allows us to provide relief and heal patients suffering from chronic pain. Their potential opened my eyes to our almost “humanitarian” mission: to help patients improve their quality of life.

The sky’s the limit

There’s no limit to career development, unlike many companies where you have to wait years or go through a series of defined steps to reach a particular position. At Urgo, on the contrary, career development is based on your work and the results you achieve. The same philosophy applies to the projects and marketing campaigns we develop. Every day, we play to win. This environment encourages teams to work for the company as if it were their own. It’s incredible!

The talent

Talent attracts talent: being surrounded by talented and ambitious teams enables us to find many solutions to any challenge. The learning curve accelerates dramatically!

Belgium Director – Urgo Consumer Healthcare

 The epitome of a family-run business, with a long-term vision

Our strategy is clear and defined, projects are developed for the long term, with a cohesive approach. We develop innovative products, our brands are well-known and consumers are attached to them. Being part of a group with a strong vision and strong values is a great Opportunity for me.

The chance to make bold décisions and take risks

URGO encourages initiative and daring and listens to its employees. I have experienced it personally, I have been supported each time I had an idea that was “outside the box”. If you succeed, congratulations ; if you fail, try again.

Building a career with many different learning opportunities

Mobility is strongly encouraged within the Group. In 13 years, I have had the opportunity to work in the Group’s various companies and to have 2 international experiences, in Turkey and Belgium.

Head of Urgo Medical Research Projects – URID

 The human factor and empowerment

There are two characteristics of URGO that are particularly strong:

The human factor. At all levels of the company there is a kind of goodwill. As a team member and project manager, I deal with a lot of people and I see this on a daily basis. In addition, our manager is very attentive to the well-being of his teams.

Emporwerment. My job was a new position and I was lucky enough to be able to create it in my own image. I was able to express my desires, my ideas and my vision to my manager and put them into practice. It’s very motivating.


The thing that motivates me is the trust that I am given. The position I held 8 years ago is not the same as it is today. It has grown with me. I have been given the opportunity to lead additional projects to my usual assignments, be it a structuring project like Synapse (new URID information system) which has a global scope or the organisation of a team building event at the end of the year. It’s never the same routine! To a candidate, I would say, don’t hesitate, go for it! By joining URGO, you’re joining a company that puts an emphasis on its people and has really friendly teams!