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Project Manager, Urgo Consulting

“Collaborating with 24 countries”

First studying pharmacy in Mumbai University, and then doing a Master’s program at HEC Paris – I was always looking to join a company and a position that helps me leverage both my educational backgrounds & experiences – and move forward quickly and have a strategic impact through my work.

The best part about being in Urgo Consulting division, URGO Group’s internal consulting firm, is that I got a chance to take on very diverse projects across various business topics like business development, strategic planning or new launches with actual presence in 4 different countries in my first year since joining (France, India, Italy and Hungary), and collaborating with a total of 24 countries through my projects.

URGO Group’s vision of international expansion growth coupled with appreciation for entrepreneurial values made it an instantly attractive choice for me to kick-start and continue my career with the group. What matters most to me is that my company is ambitious and ready to go global in healthcare and this open-door attitude serves as a motivation to be here.

Now about to finish my tenure working as an internal consultant, I look forward excitedly take my next steps in the company to fulfill my goals.


Sales Force Effectiveness & New business models Manager

“A touch of entrepreneurial spirit“

After graduating from the French business school HEC, I was deeply interested by the healthcare sector, a rapidly changing sector. I was looking for a medium-sized company, with a strong international development and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit. URGO Group matched all these criteria.

During my first job at URGO Group in France, I worked as an executive assistant to the Group’s CEO. For two years, I had the chance to work on various topics and discovered that innovation and responsiveness are deeply rooted in the Group’s corporate culture. Every employee can recommend new projects and carry them through in the short-term.

I am now about to embark upon a new adventure in Singapore, where I will be joining Urgo International, URGO Group’s structure dedicated to international development. My mission ? Take in charge Sales Force Effectiveness & New Business Models for the Asia-Pacific region.


Managing Director, Brazil

“From trainee to subsidiary managing director”

I joined URGO Group at the age of 25, as a trainee on a placement with Urgo Consulting, URGO Group’s internal consulting firm. Working with URGO International, I immediately got the taste for international challenges.

That led me to live in 4 different countries and to travel to over 16 countries in 7 years! Two years, for setting up a subsidiary in Turkey, and two and a half years in Singapore, with the remit of selling our Urgo Medical products to new countries.

My first management experience dates back to 2014 in our Czech subsidiary. I am now in Brazil, to manage our local subsidiary.
At URGO, to work internationally is to be sure to learn fast, to encounter a lot of responsibility, and different cultures… and to have fun! So don’t waste time, don’t think about it too much, take the plunge and join us!


Digital Marketing Manager, Spain

“3 missions in 3 countries in 3 years !”

I have always embraced curiosity and sense of discovery. As a pharmacist in Madrid and then graduating from ESCP business school in Paris, I was captivated by international healthcare industry ambitions to address unmet needs.

Since I joined the Urgo Medical division, my career has spanned 3 roles across 3 countries in less than 3 years. An amazing learning journey that led me to work on strategic Innovation projects in France, manage Marketing activities in Chile and more recently, take over the Digital marketing mission while based in Spain.

Beyond encouraging hands-on experience and unleashing new skills, what drives me the most about working at URGO Group is the commitment to bring major changes in medical technologies. Becoming part of the story of worldwide wound-healing and prevention, we feel uniquely positioned to lead and deliver innovation-driven care to patients and healthcare professionals, which is our ultimate purpose – whatever your role might be.