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Our HR policy

At URGO, we take care of your career!

Trying to decide between a startup or a large company? Join an international group with a startup spirit!
Join us at URGO Group and experience:

  • A company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with short-decision making processes
  • A group designing tomorrow’s health solutions
  • A fast-growing company in France and abroad, with many opportunities for internal advancement.

Trusting our employees with high responsibilities, encourage initiatives and creativity from everyone, promote synergies between teams and reveal talents are the management objectives fixed for the Group and are the main drive for its success.

URGO guides you through your career

Transfer of knowledge and internal learning and trainings are key processes within URGO Group. Because first steps are essential for future success, we developed a specific integration and training program dedicated to your professional fulfillment.
Each year, you express your needs and expectations during orientation meetings to set the course for the coming year. We offer tailor-made trainings to strengthen your expertise and fasten your professional advancement. We make sure that every employee take part in the development of their career.
We created the Energizing and Inspiring Leader Program to suc¬cessfully accompany you when taking up a new role:

  • In an international environment
  • In a context of acquisition
  • Facing a challenge (country or site managing…)

You are unique, your career is too!

URGO Group cares about developing of all employees’ skills.
We commit in having personalized accompaniment in our priorities. The main objective is to encourage every employee’s growth all along their career. We also think that internal mobility is the perfect opportunity for collaborators wishing to grow and multiply professional experiences within the Group.
In 2016, more than 70 employees had an internal mobility.

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Our corporate University

With a great attachment to the transmission of values and methods that have made URGO successful, the Group has founded its own Corporate University.
Why is it unique? Teachers are the Group’s top managers, sharing their experience with every subsidiary’s managers

To find out more about Urgo University