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The URGO University is our corporate academy born out of the determination of Hervé le Lous – URGO group’s Chairman, to place training at the heart of employees’ career paths.

At URGO Group, we believe that training is a key lever for employees’ professional evolution and a strategic element for the company, to foster agility and the adaptability in a dynamic international healthcare group.

What makes URGO University unique

What’s different about URGO University is that top managers at URGO Group are the lecturers, allowing them to pass on their experience and methods to the group’s executives. URGO University means they can build and share their good practices and working methods while fostering exchange between companies.
Since its creation in 2009, about 600 executives have taken one or more of the courses on offer (in French and/or in English):

  • Decision analysis, Communication, Finance, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Negotiation, etc.

Through these MBA-level courses, employees can develop their professional skills throughout their careers.

An application project to deploy the tools acquired

Participants are recommended by human resource managers and managing directors of each company in accordance with the appropriate match between their request, their missions and planned career paths. The sessions last three and a half days and take place in a friendly environment near Paris, in France.
After completing the course, each participant prepares an application project to deploy the tools acquired in a concrete mission. Validation of these projects leads to the award of diplomas in an annual ceremony, allowing all participants to come together for a convivial moment of exchange.