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Our international strategy

To offer and spread our innovations to the greatest number

Since 2011 URGO Group has made the international market the cornerstone of its development strategy, with 2 to 3 company acquisitions per year.
We have developed 3 main models to conquer these territories:

  • privileged partnerships with local actors (distributors, agents, commercial providers…)
  • creation of subsidiaries
  • acquisition of local companies

A local adaptation

Adding up to its European basis, URGO Group has set up four regional directions: in Asia (APAC), in Latin America (LATAM), in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and in Maghreb-Africa (EMA).
We are therefore closer to the ground and fully responsive to adapt to local demands and to aim leadership on our different markets.

Our commitment to improve worldwide quality of care
URGO Group is committed to:

  • Offering suitable solutions to daily needs in first aid, allergy, cold, food supplements or sexual hygiene. We provide our innovations to the greatest number on every continent and in all distribution channels.
  • Providing high-value medical technology solutions to healthcare professionals and patients in prevention and advanced wound care

A global medical partner for the treatment of wounds

Facing chronic wound development in the world, URGO Group works closely with healthcare professionals but also with healthcare authorities. The Group provides innovative solutions which are medical for the patient, but also economical and organizational for the healthcare system. URGO Group is also engaged in providing trainingsof healthcare professionals on wound treatments.

  • ADVANCED SOLUTIONS: We develop digital solutions to diagnose the wound, implement a protocol of care adapted to each wound, follow and adapt the protocol accordingly
  • TRAININGS: We provide trainings to nurses and physicians on wound treatment – more specifically pressure ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, venous leg ulcer – through face-to-face trainings, e-learning training sessions, the creation of wound international boards or collaboration to symposiums.