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12 June 2019

A new generation at the head of URGO Group

URGO Group announces a new organisation of its Executive Board of Directors : an alternating family chairmanship. Hervé Le Lous’ sons, Briac, Tristan and Guirec Le Lous, will in turn chair URGO Group.

From September 1st 2019, Briac Le Lous will succeed his father and become the new Chairman of URGO Group.

Hervé Le Lous, the company’s founder, has built URGO Group around strong family values. He works with his three sons for more than 10 years to build a pioneering company at the cutting-edge of medical technologies. In order to pursue the long-term strategy deployed until today, the Le Lous family has been preparing this change of governance for more than 5 years.

« I have decided that the moment had come to make way for my sons and to announce this change of governance. This new organisation will enable us to follow the road map we fixed ourselves in order to assert and conquer leadership positions in our targeted markets” explains Hervé Le Lous.


Briac Le Lous, NEW CHAIRMAN OF urgo gROUP

From September 1st, Briac Le Lous will become the new Chairman of URGO Group.

“I am excited by the future we are going to shape together for URGO Group. Facing the explosion of chronic diseases, URGO Group daily works to find solutions and prevent these illnesses. We have shown excellence in innovation with the development of best-in-class healthcare solutions. For tomorrow, our challenge will be to invest and innovate of course in our products, but also in the creation of new services dedicated to patients’ healing, along with our partners, doctors, pharmacists and nurses.” stated Briac Le Lous.

Since 2016, Briac Le Lous is President of Urgo Consumer Healthcare, URGO Group’s self care division. Briac started his career as Merger & Acquisition Director within the Group in 2002 and realized about fifteen acquisitions until 2009. Meanwhile he holds different positions within the Group : from 2003 to 2009 he became General Manager of Danival ; from 2006 to 2010 General Manager of Laboratoires Vie et Santé, and from 2010 to 2015 General Manager of Laboratoires Juva Santé.

Briac Le Lous holds an master degree from the agronomy engineering schools ENSAT and AgroParisTech. Briac also holds a masters degree from the business school HEC Entrepreneurs.


Guirec Le Lous TAKES THE LEAD OF URGO Medical

Guirec LE LOUS becomes President of Urgo Medical, URGO Group’s Advanced wound care division.

Guirec Le Lous joins URGO Group in 2012 and launches UrgoTech in 2015 , the internal digital startup of URGO Group, which he currently heads. UrgoTech develops disruptive innovation solutions to treat stress, insomnia, incontinence disorders and other chronic pathologies. URGONight, UrgoTech’s latter product has been awarded at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of Las Vegas in 2019.

Meanwhile, since 2016, Guirec has launched UrgoTouch on the French and Spanish markets, the first portative laser to optimize the scarring result in a single session. Guirec graduated from the engineering school MinesParisTech with a specialization in Innovation management. Guirec also holds a masters degree from the business school HEC Entrepreneurs.



Tristan Le Lous is URGO Group’s Executive Director Legal and Investments.

He starts his career in 2005 in Finance within the company. In 2009, he takes the head of the Group’s Merger & Acquisition activities. He successfully conducted many international and strategic acquisitions. In 2017, he sets up the audit and compliance activities of the Group, which he supervises. Tristan Le Lous holds a degree in molecular genetics from the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon. He graduated from the agronomy engineering School AgroParisTech and from the business school ESCP Europe.


Ronan Blanchard, Executive Director Finance, Industry and Quality

Ronan Blanchard is URGO Group’s Executive Director Finance, Industry and Quality. Ronan starts his careers within the Group in 2001 in the Mergers-Acquisitions Department. In 2006, he becomes General Manager of the Laboratoires SUPER DIET. In 2012, he becomes CFO for the Group’s entity dedicated to international development, based in Singapore. In 2018, he is appointed Chief Financial Officer of URGO Group and Head of Industry. He handles the Group’s Finance and information systems, and monitor the Group’s industrial activities. Ronan graduated from the business school HEC.




back on Hervé Le Lous’ career, founder of URGO Group

Hervé Le Lous’ entrepreneurial adventure starts in 1987, when he buys and relaunches a small company’s activity with some of its students. This company is the first of what URGO Group is today, with 3 300 employees, 22 subsidiaries over the world and a turnover of 639 millions euros in 2018. As Chairman of URGO Group’s Board until 2019, Hervé Le Lous has founded the medical device unicorn. Within ten years, URGO Group has more than doubled its turnover and took leadership positions within its markets, in consumer healthcare (with four of the most 10 well-known healthcare brands in France: Mercurochrome, Urgo, Juvamine, Humex) and in Advanced wound care (Urgo Medical is number 2 in Europe in market shares and aims global leadership).

« I am very proud and grateful for what we have accomplished with all of our employees. I am very attached to URGO, which I have developed over the last 35 years. As its Founder, I will continue to take an interest in the Group’s activities and development.Today we are at a turning point of the healthcare industry, which is undergoing a major transformation. Thanks to our pioneering role, these changes offer URGO Group fantastic development and innovation prospects.” concludes Hervé Le Lous


a new board from september 1st 2019


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